What is Tantra?

Tantra is a training system built on spiritual science that enables a person to achieve higher states of consciousness and explore higher dimensions of reality that can only be accessed through Love.

There is no limit to what can be unlocked in the universal mind of pure consciousness. The only limit is the level of Love that you can achieve.

An experienced Tantra trainer will have many different methodologies that will suit each person’s desired outcome, personal experience, willingness, dedication of time and resources, and the type of activities that they are capable of.

What is the Goal of Tantra?

The primary focus of Tantra is to Integrate the spirit into the body, awakening new senses and abilities that enable access into higher states of consciousness and higher dimensions of reality.

The Integration of the Spirit into the Body occurs through a character development cycle involving 5 stages:

Purification:  You must purify the mind and the body to increase your energy and open the potential for a higher level of Love.

Education:  Learning the duality that governs your connection and disconnection with Love.

Application:  Step into a higher state of Love by taking new action steps that increase your connection.

Confirmation:  Watch another person going through the same cycle as you and have compassion for them.

Integration:  Experience the surge of energy producing an orgasmic sensory experience of what life has to offer.

Each cycle completed raises the level of Love that your character emits and integrates the spirit deeper into the body.

What is the difference between Energy and Love?

The primary goal for a student of Tantra is to train their body and mind to access higher levels of Energy and Love.

There is a major difference between Energy and Love that is important for you to understand.

There are a multitude of ways to activate a higher level of Energy through the use of specific products, techniques, technologies and training.

“Increasing your energy level does not mean increasing your level of Love.”


In many cases, increasing your energy level will empower the ego, leading you and the people around you into chaos, fear and anger, rather than creating more love.

There is no need to be afraid, or delude yourself by saying that you won’t go through this.  You are guaranteed to go through this process many times over, this is how you learn to convert energy into Love.

Learning how to use Energy for Love means connecting and serving in a greater way for one or more of the following:

  • Your Self
  • Your Body
  • Your Mind
  • Your House / Room / Vehicle
  • Other People in your life
  • Family, Friends, Associates
  • Community Space, Parks, Office, Club, Church, etc…
  • The Earth / Environment
  • Innovative Technologies, Systems that effect State/Country Social Services – Education, Health Care, etc…
  • Global Organizations, 3rd World Countries – Clean Water, etc…

Areas of your life that are in chaos, hold negative charges, and that you avoid, are all cycles that you have started but not completed.

These are areas of life where you lack the information, wisdom, actions and compassion to complete the cycle and generate Love.

Every incomplete cycle requires the conversion of Energy into Love, in order to upgrade your character and integrate your spirit into your body unlocking new senses and abilities.

To achieve success in Tantra, the training, techniques, technologies and products must support the complete conversion from Energy to Love.

How Do I Become a Student of Tantra?

Everyone is already a student of Tantra.  There are only people that know they are a student and people that do not know.

Every experience in your life is part of a cycle that defines your character.  If you complete the cycle, you become greater than life, a master that understands the system.  

However, if you do not complete the cycle, you become less than life, a slave to the system.  Every experience is an opportunity to define the character that you play.

An Unconscious Student of Tantra moves from one experience to the next, never grasping why life happens the way that it does, leaving a trail of chaos for others in their wake.

A Conscious Student of Tantra understands this cycle and actively engages in the steps to complete each stage generating more love for them self and the people around them.

An Advanced Student of Tantra shares their experiences, wisdom and techniques with the Tantra community expanding their level of Love and refining the role their character plays.

A Master Student of Tantra shares their many gifts with the world and initiates a new wave of energy and love in the collective consciousness.

We are all Students of Tantra, no matter how much we achieve in life, we will aways be Students of Tantra.

Is Tantra just Glorified Sex?

Tantra is a unique discipline in that the focus of personal development is based on awakening the energy from within the body.  

A common method for generating energy in the body is through a variety of sexual activities.  The energy that is generated can be used for healing, sending to another person or even accessing higher states of consciousness.

As a result, Tantra is most often thought of as a relationship / sexual exploration into the self.  

The majority of sexual activities generate the energy used in Tantra and can be explored by an individual, couple or even group, depending on the exercises and the willingness of the participants.

While sexual interactions can generate the energy from within the body, they are not the only way to do so.  

Less than 10% of Tantra teachings focus on generating energy.  Generating energy is the easiest part of Tantra training, it’s converting the Energy into Love that takes years to master.

While sex with one or multiple partners might generate energy really quickly, it also opens up the body to a variety of weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  

Remember the purpose of Tantra is to convert that energy into Love that you embody as a person and have integrated into your daily life.

Integrating sexual energy and embodying it would also mean being in a relationship with that person.  For most people the exploration will end with a two person relationship, but there will always be people that want to explore more.

Exploration into Tantra as a group can generate an extremely powerful and highly accelerated form of energy that can quickly shatter a person’s state of mind, just as much as it could open up another person.

The key thing to remember is that the #1 objective is to convert that energy into Love.  Too much energy that you don’t know how to handle can induce severe psychological blowouts.


If there is a group of people, with a deep connection, the levels of Love that can be felt and the depth of consciousness that can be experienced is unfathomable.  

A Place like that could be Heaven on Earth.